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If you or someone you know has been arrested in Calgary, it’s essential to understand the bail process. Bail is a legal mechanism through which an accused person is granted release from custody while awaiting trial. In this blog post, we will explain what bail is, how it works in Calgary, the process of a bail hearing, and what Yoav Niv, a Calgary bail lawyer, can do to help you.

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What is Bail?

Bail is a legal mechanism that enables an accused person to secure release from custody while they await their trial. The bail process involves signing an undertaking with a police officer where an accused agrees that they will appear in court for their trial or where a Court allows an accused out of custody, and the accused must comply with certain conditions. These can include regularly reporting to probation (and, in some cases, the police), avoiding certain places or people, and surrendering their passports. Often, the type of release conditions depends on the nature of the charges, the circumstances of the alleged offence, as well as the accused’s personal circumstances.

How Bail Works in Calgary

In Calgary, the bail process begins when a person is arrested and taken into custody. The police officer in charge of the case will determine if the accused person is eligible for release by an undertaking to a police officer. If the accused person is eligible, the police officer will release them on the condition that they appear in court on a specified date. However, if the accused person is not eligible for release on an undertaking, they will be held in custody until their bail hearing.

At the bail hearing, a judge or justice of the peace will determine if the accused person is eligible for judicial interim release (JIR). To be eligible for JIR, the judge or justice of the peace must be satisfied that the accused person will attend all of their court appearances, will not commit any further crimes, and, in some cases, that release will maintain the public’s confidence in the administration of justice. JIR can be granted with or without the posting of a bail amount.

The Process of a Bail Hearing

The bail hearing is a crucial part of the bail process, allowing the accused to be released from custody while awaiting trial. The bail hearing takes place within 24 hours of the accused person being taken into custody, and a Calgary bail lawyer represents the accused person.

At the bail hearing, the prosecutor presents evidence to the judge or justice of the peace, arguing that the accused person should not be granted bail. The evidence presented may include information about the accused person’s criminal record, flight risk, and the seriousness of the charges against them. The defence lawyer then presents evidence to the contrary, arguing that the accused person is eligible for JIR. The evidence may include information about the accused person’s ties to the community, employment, and family obligations.

If the judge or justice of the peace grants JIR, the accused person will be released from custody on the conditions set out in the bail order.

What are bail conditions?

Bail conditions are restrictions or obligations imposed on an accused person as a condition of their release from custody. The purpose of bail conditions is to ensure that the accused person appears in court as required and to protect the public’s safety.

Bail conditions may include a requirement to attend court at a specified time and date, restrictions on travel, a requirement to surrender a passport, a prohibition on contacting certain individuals or going to specific locations, and a requirement to report to the police regularly.

The specific bail conditions that are imposed depending on the individual circumstances of the case, including the nature of the offence and the risk of the accused person failing to appear in court or reoffending.

It is essential to comply with all the bail conditions the court sets. If you violate your bail conditions, you risk being returned to custody and having additional charges against you.

If you believe your bail conditions are too restrictive, you can apply to have them varied. However, it is essential to work with a skilled Calgary bail lawyer who can prepare and present a persuasive argument to the court.

In addition to complying with your bail conditions, it is important to keep your Calgary bail lawyer informed of any changes in your circumstances, such as changes in your address or employment status. Your lawyer can assist you in seeking a variation of your bail conditions if your circumstances change.

What Can a Calgary Bail Lawyer Do For You?

If you or someone you know is facing a bail hearing in Calgary, it’s important to hire a Calgary bail lawyer. A bail lawyer can help you understand the bail process, represent you at your bail hearing, and ensure that your rights are protected.

Yoav Niv is a Calgary bail lawyer with extensive experience representing clients at bail hearings. He understands the bail process in Calgary and how to make compelling arguments in favour of his client’s release. He will work with you to build a strong case for your eligibility for JIR and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

At The End Of The Day

If you or someone you know is facing a bail hearing in Calgary, don’t wait to get the help you need. Contact Yoav Niv today to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, he will review your case, explain the bail process, and discuss your options for securing your release from custody. With his guidance and representation, you can increase your chances of being released from custody before trial and be in a better position to prepare for your defence.

In conclusion, understanding the bail process is critical if you or someone you know has been arrested in Calgary. Knowing what to expect at the bail hearing and having an experienced Calgary bail lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in securing your release from custody. Contact Yoav Niv today to schedule your consultation and get your needed help.

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