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I had a consult with Yoav and he proved to be very knowledgeable and sympathetic of my situation. He answered all the questions that I had concisely. He laid out my options in detail and made a suggestion for me based on my specific situation. I felt infinitely better after our conversation. It was a pleasure to deal with him and I can confidently recommend his services to anyone!

— C. M.


Yoav is a very knowledgable respected lawyer. He was very articulate and helped me with my charges while being very clear that I cannot be messing around. I’m really appreciative of everything Yoav has done for me and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

— P. Y.


Yoav is a miracle worker if you ask me. He produced immediate and favourable results and in turn reduced a tremendous amount of stress in my life.

I wish I called him sooner! If you need legal advice or help, don’t hesitate, call Yoav!

— F. B.


I recently had the privilege of working with Yoav Niv as my criminal lawyer, and I am thrilled to share my positive experience. From the moment I hired Yoav, it was evident that I had chosen an attorney who was not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also deeply committed to ensuring I received a fair chance to defend myself against the crown.

One of the standout qualities I appreciated about Yoav Niv was his unwavering tenacity. He approached my case with an unmatched level of determination and zeal, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of justice. Yoav’s expertise in criminal law was evident as he carefully analyzed every aspect of my situation, crafting a strategic defense that capitalized on every opportunity available to me.

In the face of a formidable opponent like the crown, Yoav Niv’s ability to navigate the complexities of the legal system was truly commendable. He fought tirelessly, leveraging his profound understanding of criminal law to challenge the prosecution’s arguments and evidence. Yoav’s sharp analytical skills and attention to detail allowed him to identify weaknesses in the crown’s case, ultimately giving me the best possible chance for a favorable outcome.

What truly set Yoav apart was his dedication to ensuring fairness throughout the entire legal process. He prioritized my rights and made sure that I was treated justly at every step. Yoav’s ability to effectively communicate and negotiate with the crown was remarkable, and he skillfully represented my interests in court. I felt confident and supported throughout the entire ordeal, knowing that Yoav was by my side, fighting for my rights.

The outcome of my case exceeded all expectations, and I attribute much of this success to Yoav Niv’s exceptional skills as a criminal lawyer. Thanks to his strategic approach, tireless advocacy, and unwavering commitment to justice, I was able to achieve a favorable resolution. Yoav’s expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication made a significant difference in my life, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer who will fight tooth and nail to provide you with a fair chance to defend yourself, I wholeheartedly endorse Yoav Niv. His unparalleled dedication, legal acumen, and commitment to justice make him an invaluable asset in any criminal defense case.

— B. F.


Yoav Niv got me bail when no one else could. He got me 6 and a half years less than the initial offer. When they shipped me to the Edmonton remand centre and my disclosure kept getting “lost” he drove up to hand it to me personally. You can’t ask for a better defender.

— C. Q.


Great positive energy with a professional community caring approach. Honestly can say great people that care about others.

— C. D. J.


Not only did I get the best outcome possible but it saved my career! I would 100% recommend

— E. W.


I found Mr. Yoav to very helpful as he resolved my issue with no incident. He was quick and to the point very honest

— T. H.


Very precise and well-spoken. Yoav is conscientious and detail-oriented. Very happy with his work and communication.

— Srcn1838.


Mr.Niv is very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. It was a positive and reassuring experience to have Mr.Niv as my representation. I would greatly recommend his services.

— J. B.


Yoav was totally professional, with a very clear, in depth understanding of the situation, and the law surrounding it. Should anyone I know find themselves in a situation like mine, I will absolutely recommend him.

— M. B.


Yoav Niv, is truly one the legitimate stars of the Calgary legal defence profession. His outstanding work in the handling of my legal situation was above and beyond what I expected to be quite honest. His determination and perseverance in the handling of all aspects of the case was amazing. He researched and sought out the relevant information needed and was able to be practically surgical in taking apart the case being brought against me. He made me stand against strong against a system that I didn’t think would see me in a favourable light. He stood by me and helped right my world once again and to actually have faith in the system. I totally recommend Yoav Niv if you’re needing someone who’s willing to battle for you. I’m in his debt for the work he’s done on my behalf !

— M. W.


Yoav is an absolute gem of a lawyer. Our family felt helpless and frustrated trying to get help from the police. We are so grateful for the guidance, knowledge, and experience that Yoav provided to our family. He was always available to us and kept us up to date on everything. He is a hero in our books. Thank you Yoav!

— M. T.


I went to Yoav last year after a difficult situation presented itself to me. He was extremely understanding and over the months that followed his experience, skill and diligence proved instrumental in ensuring that the truth in my case was shown and justice was served. I cannot possibly recommend him more highly.

— J. J.


Excellent,  criminal defence lawyer.  Mr.Niv went above and beyond expectations. Very easy to communicate with and responds promptly to phone and email.  I would highly recommend his services!

— B. L.


Yoav Niv deserves 5++ stars for the exceptional professionalism, perseverance, and most importantly belief in our son’s innocence. Our son would not have been acquitted without Yoav’s expertise. We highly recommend Mr. Niv if you require an excellent lawyer.

— A. & E. L.


Yoav is genuine and it’s apparent how much he cares about his clients wellbeing. If anyone needs exceptional representation, Yoav is by far your best bet to get the results you need.

— G. H.


Offers legal service that is above and beyond the norm. Reasonable. Responsive. Effective. Diligent. Everything you want in a lawyer.

— D. S.


Yoav takes the time to do his utmost to ensure the very best outcome. We highly recommend his services.

— K. K.