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Experienced defence counsel protects your freedom in Alberta

In Canada, people charged with violent crimes are often punished more harshly by the criminal justice system. If you are accused of assault, sexual assault, robbery, homicide, or any other type of violent offence, you must secure competent defence counsel immediately. Depending on the details of your case, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence and the possibility of not getting bail at first instance.

My name is Yoav Niv. As a veteran criminal defence lawyer in Canada, I have extensive experience representing people charged with violent crimes. Understanding that you may be scared about the criminal process and your future, I am ready to fight fiercely for your rights and freedom.

Examples of violent crimes

The Criminal Code of Canada lists a wide range of criminal behaviours that are considered violent crimes.

Some examples of violent offences I handle include:

  • Domestic assault — Domestic assault should not be confused with simple assault. In fact, your relationship with a family or household member forces the police and Crown to take a “special approach” to your case. Further, prosecutors rarely drop domestic violence charges without very good reason. For minor offences, you face up to two years for a summary conviction. If the Crown chooses to indict, you face five years and up to ten years for sexual assault or causing bodily harm.
  • Robbery — According to the Criminal Code of Canada, anyone may be guilty of robbery if they steal from another person and use violence or threats of violence to do so. For a first offence with a firearm or at the direction of a criminal organization, you face a minimum of 5 years in prison. For a second offence in those circumstances, you face a minimum sentence of 7 years in prison. Other factors, such as whether you caused bodily harm to the victim, can result in further penalties.
  • Assault causing bodily harm — You may be charged with this offence if you assault another person and cause them bodily harm. It is important that you recognize this crime is known as a hybrid offence, which means that the prosecutor decides if the offence will be treated as a summary conviction or a more serious indictable offence. A summary conviction may result in a maximum sentence of eighteen months. If the crown convicts you on indictment, you face a maximum of 10 years.
  • Aggravated assault — In Canada, you may be found guilty of aggravated assault if you intentionally wound, maim, disfigure, or endanger the life of another person. It is an indictable offence with a maximum prison term not exceeding fourteen years.
  • Manslaughter — Canadian law defines manslaughter as homicide without intent. This is in stark contrast to murder, where there is planning and intent to kill. If arrested for manslaughter, you face up to life imprisonment. If you use a firearm, you face a minimum of 4 years imprisonment.
  • Murder — According to Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c C-46, s 235, “Everyone who commits first-degree murder or second-degree murder is guilty of an indictable offence and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”

If you have been charged with a violent offence in Calgary, you need professional help. Make no mistake — the police are building a case against you. It is vital that you remain calm. Once you are booked, politely ask that you speak with your defence lawyer. Remain silent, as anything you say can be used against you.

What not to do if you’ve been charged with a violent offence in Calgary

Being arrested can be intimidating. However, how you act when police detain and arrest you can have serious consequences on your criminal defence.

Here are some behaviours to avoid if police arrest you for a violent crime in Calgary:

  • Do not resist arrest — If the police decide to arrest you, do not resist; it will only make things worse. You will have your chance to combat the charges with your lawyer at a later time.
  • Do not admit guilt — Never admit guilt, even if you think at the time you might be at fault.
  • Do not try to explain yourself to police — If law enforcement decides to arrest you, exercise your right to remain silent. More often than not, no amount of explaining is going to get the cuffs off. You could further implicate yourself by talking too much even if it just about the weather or your favorite hockey team.
  • Do not get worked up — It is extremely important that you remain calm and do not lose your cool. Take a deep breath and listen to the arresting officer’s instructions. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Never forget — as a Canadian, you have certain inalienable rights. If you believe police have violated those rights, contact a defence lawyer immediately.

Contact a skilled criminal defence lawyer in Alberta today

As an experienced defence lawyer in Alberta, I defend clients accused of violent crimes every day. Whether you are arrested for assault, manslaughter, domestic violence, or any other crime, I can use my knowledge and skill to safeguard your freedom. For more information or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with me, call 587-968-6721 or contact me online. Office located in Calgary for your convenience.

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I went to Yoav last year after a difficult situation presented itself to me. He was extremely understanding and over the months that followed his experience, skill and diligence proved instrumental in ensuring that the truth in my case was shown and justice was served. I cannot possibly recommend him more highly.

— J. D.

Yoav is genuine and it’s apparent how much he cares about his clients wellbeing. If anyone needs exceptional representation, Yoav is by far your best bet to get the results you need.

— G. H.

Excellent, criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Niv went above and beyond expectations. Very easy to communicate with and responds promptly to phone and email. I would highly recommend his services!

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My criminal defence practice operates under the philosophy that all individuals are presumed innocent and have the right to a dedicated defence and a fair trial.

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